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ItalBoxSet.jpgBox11.jpgBox21.jpgBox31.jpgbox51.jpgBoxed Sets

  • First four Hobby & Work titles are issued in a boxed set as Le indagini di sorella Fidelma at €49.90. ISBN is 13-978-8878510074 and the box set comes with a gift of as pen.
  • UK companyPast Times has now published four boxed sets. Three sets contain three volumes each and one set contains two volumes comprising short stories.
    • Celtic Whodunnits: The Sister Fidelma Mysteries, No 0101, 1998
    • More Celtic Whodunnits: The Sister Fidelma Mysteries No 9624, 1999
    • Yet More Celtic Whodunnits: The Sister Fidelma Mysteries, ISBN 9-9999-9106-8, 2000
    • Celtic Whodunnits Short Stories (Hemlock At Vespers I and Hemlock At Vespers II)  ISBN 9-9999-8774-5
  • FrenchBox1.jpgEditions 10/18 have now produced slip case for four Fidelma titles - Absolution par le muertre, Le suaire de l'archeveque, Les cinq royaumes andLe ruse du serpent. The slip case is sold as Coffret Peter Tremayne 2005, ISBN 2-264042923. Coffret is a "little chest."

97837466337251.jpgWorld First Editions

   (Fidelma novellas and short stories, collected in book form, for the first time)



  • Die Wahrheit ist der Lüge Tod("The Lair of the White Fox" and other stories), ISBN 978-3-7466-3372-5, February 16, 2018

Large31.jpgLarge21.jpgLarge11.jpgLarge Print Editions

·         Magna Large Print Books (UK)

    • Absolution By Murder, 1996
    • Shroud for the Archbishop, 1996
    • The Subtle Serpent, 1998
    • The Spider's Web, 1998
    • Valley of the Shadow, 1999
    • The Monk Who Vanished, 2000

·         LargePrintFrench.jpgA Vue d'Oeil

    • Absolution par le MeurtreApril, 2007

Peter Tremayne Omni E.jpg1507-11.jpgFRENCH REPRINT1.jpgOmnibus Editions

  • The Sister Fidelma 20th Anniversary Collection (Absolution By Murder, Shroud for the Archbishop and Suffer Little Children) available in eBook format (E61630) only, Headline, London, September, 2014,  ISBN 978-1-472225475
  • Les Deux Premiéres Enquêtes de Soeur Fidelma (the first two Fidelma titles in French Omnibus), Editions 10-18, Paris, November, 2015
  • Le suaire de l'Archevêque suivi de Absolution par le meurtre, March 2018 (a reprint and new cover of above title)

shroud11.jpgGraphic Novel Adaptations


The following are adapted by Antonio Muñoz, art by Joseph Ferrer and Carlos Vila.

  • Absolutie door moord, (Dutch, Absolution by Murder), ARBORIS, Zelhelm, Netherlands  (De Luxe Edition) ISBN 978 903430 5558
  • Absolutie door moord,  ARBORIS, Zelhelm, Netherlands (hardcover edition)  ISBN 978 903430 5541
  • Absolutie door moord, ARBORIS, Zelhelm, Netherlands (softcover edition) ISBN 978 903430 5534
  • Absolution By Murder, (English edition) Zelhelm, Netherlands (softcover edition) 978 908606 0436
  • Lijkwade voor een aartsbisschop (Shroud for the Archbishop) ARBORIS, Zelhelm, Netherlands (softcover edition), March, 2017
  • Lijkwade voor een aartsbisschop (Shroud for the Archbishop) ARBORIS, Zelhelm, Netherlands (hardcover edition), March, 2017
  • Shroud for the Archbishop, (English edition) ARBORIS, Zelhelm, Netherlands (softcover edition), September, 2017

Foreign Language Editions

As requested by our many members around the world, below is an updated complete breakdown of all foreign language editions to date. See below for country-specific information.

Czech7trumpet.jpgAtonementcc1.jpgCCE08122010_000001.jpgCzechB1.jpgCzechC1.jpgCzechA1.jpgczech400.jpg0109505-231.jpgdet_20111.jpg20b487581.jpgCzech131.jpgScan_20170929 (3)1.jpgCzechSecondDeath1.jpgMonk Who Vanished1.jpg

VYSEHRAD (Czech Republic) - So far published in hardback only Modlitba za zatrancence (A Prayer for the Damned) December, 2009

  • Rozhreseni vrazdou (Absolution By Murder) 2004
  • Nechte Malickych (Suffer Little Children) 2004
  • Paní tenmot (Our Lady of Darkness) August, 2005
  • Dym ve vertu (Smoke in the Wind) March, 2007
  • Opat S Mecem (The Haunted Abbot) October, 2007
  • Zly Uplnek (Badger's Moon) June, 2008
  • Zvon Malomocného (The Leper's Bell) 2008
  • Pán Dusí (Master of Souls) July, 2009
  • Tenec s Démony (Dancing With Demons) July, 2010
  • Ztraceny Relikviár (Council of the Cursed) November, 2010
  • Holubice smrti (The Dove of Death) June, 2011
  • Kalich Kvre (The Chalice of Blood) February, 2012
  • Rubás pro arcibiskups (Shroud for the Archbishop) October, 2012
  • Jezdec vestí smrt (Behold A Pale Horse) May, 2013
  • Sedmá Polnice (The Seventh Trumpet) October, 2013
  • Symbol smrti (The Subtle Serpent) August, 2014
  • Vykouponí krví (Atonement of Blood) August, 2015
  • Pavoucí Sít (The Spider's Web) May, 2016
  • Dábloca Pecet (The Devil's Seal) 2016
  • Údolí Stínu (Valley of the Shadow) September, 2017
  • Druhá Smrt (The Second Death) April, 2018
  • Mnich Který Zmízel (The Monk Who Vanished) 2019
  • Forthcoming
    • Penance of the Damned, Autumn 2019
    • Act of Mercy, 2021
    • Night of the Lightbringer, 2021

Portugese.jpgPANDA BOOKS, EDITORA ORIGINAL (Portugal, Brazil)

·                     Morte por Luxúrua(Absolution By Murder), the Brazilian (Portuguese) edition of the first of the Sister Fidelma titles from Panda Books of Sao Paolo, Brazil. Published June, 2005, ISBN 85-87537-81-4.

ERA2.jpgera3.jpgBulgarian11.jpgERA (Bulgaria)

  • Shroud for the Archbishop, March 2007
  • Suffer Little Children, August 2007
  • The Spider's Web, October 2008

Fidelma 4.jpgFidelma 3.jpgEdhasa1a1.jpgEdhasa21.jpg

EDHASA (Spain)


  • Absolution Por Asesinato (Absolution by Murder) 2001
  • Una Mortaia Para El Arzobispo (Shroud for the Archbishop) 2002
  • Sufrid, Pequenos (Suffer Little Children) 2002
  • La Serpiente Sutil(The Subtle Serpent) 2003
  • La Telaraña (The Spider's Web) 2004-05-31
  • El Valle de las Sombras (Valley of the Shadow) June, 2005
  • El Monje Desapapecido(The Monk Who Vanished) June, 2006
  • Un Acto de Misericordia (Act of Mercy) June, 2007
  • Nuestra Senora de las Tinieblas (Our Lady of Darkness), July, 2008


  • La Telaraña (The Spider's Web) 2004
  • La Serpiente Sutil(The Subtle Serpent) 2005

POLAR (Edhasa)

  • Absolución par Asessinato (Absolution By Murder) February, 2015

QuintetoA.jpg97884971114611.jpgQUINTETO (Spanish Paperbacks)

  • Absolution Por Asesinato (Absolution By Murder) October, 2009
  • Una mortaia para el Arzbispo (Shroud for the Archbishop) October, 2010

EDICIONES ALTAYA - Colección – Historical Crime (Newsstand Editions)

  • Published in 2007
    • 1 Absolución por Asesinato (Absolution By Murder)
    • 9 Una mortaia para al Arzobispo (Shroud for the Archbishop)
    • 15 Sufrid Pequeños (Suffer Little Children)
    • 23 La Serpiente Sutil (The Subtle Serpent)
    • 31 La Telaraña (The Spider's Web)
    • 39 El Valle de las Sombras (Valley of the Shadow)
    • 45 El Monie Desaparecido (The Monk Who Vanished)

PEUCO.jpgtapa susurros de
los muertos1.jpgtapa CICUTA mail.jpgTapa Un Sudario (web)1.jpgPEUCO EDITORES (Argentina)

  • Cicuta al Anochecer(Hemlock At Vespers) October, 2005
  • Susurros de los Muertos (Whispers of the Dead) December, 2006
  • Sinodo en Witebia (Absolution By Murder) 2007
  • Un sudaro para Arzobispo (Shroud for the Archbishop) May, 2009

HOBBY1.jpgHOBBY2.jpgHOBBY3.jpgFidelma 9.jpgserpentits.jpginnocentits.jpgHOBBY & WORK (Italy) -Hobby & Work Publishing S.r.l., via Achille Varisco 1, 20052 Monza, MI, Italy

  • L'Abbazia degli Innocenti (Suffer Little Children) 2001
  • L'Astuzia del Serpente (The Subtle Serpent) 2002
  • I Crimini del Ragno (The Spider's Web) 2002
  • Un Sudaio per Il Vescovo (Shroud for the Archbishop) 2003
  • Nostra Signora delle Tenebre (Our Lady of Darkness) October, 2004
  • L'Abate Maledetto (The Haunted Abbot) July, 2005
  • Delitti di Fuoco (Smoke in the Wind) 2006
  • Luna assassina (Badger's Moon) December 15, 2006
  • Rintocchi di Morte (The Leper's Bell) July, 2007
  • Una preghiera per i dannati (A Prayer for the Damned) March, 2008
  • Danzando con il Diavolo (Dancing With Demons) January, 2009
  • I neri agenti della notte (An Ensuing Evil) September, 2009

9788878519282g1.jpgCoverA1.jpgCoverB1.jpgItalyB11.jpgItalyA11.jpgSmoke in the Wind1.jpgLuna Assassina1.jpg
HOBBY & WORK (Paperbacks) - Hobby & Work Publishing S.r.l., via Achille Varisco 1, 20052 Monza, MI, Italy

  • Nostra Signora delle Tenebre (Our Lady of Darkess) March 2009
  • L'Abate Maledetto (The Haunted Abbot) March 2009
  • Delitti di Fuoco (Smoke in the Wind) July 2009
  • Luna assassina (Badger's Moon) July 2009
  • Rintocchi di morte (The Leper's Bell) 2010
  • Una Preghiera per Dannati (A Prayer for the Damned) 2010
  • Danzando con il Diavolo (Dancing With Demons) March 2011
  • I neri agenti della nottee (An Ensuing Evil) April 2012

tea1.jpgTEA21.jpgTEA31.jpgtea11.jpgTASCABILI EDITORE (TEA) - mass market Italian paperbacks

  • L'Abbazia degli Innocenti, March, 2004
  • L'Astuzia del Serpente, December, 2004
  • I Crimini del Ragno, May, 2005
  • Un Suderio per il VescovoSeptember, 2006 

HachetteItalia.jpgItaly41.jpgItaly21.jpgItaly51.jpgITALYAA1.jpgHACHETTE ITALIA (Newsstand paperbacks only)

SERIES Codici segreti della Storia  - Series No.

  • 32. L'Abate Maledetto (The Haunted Abbot) July 29, 2006
  • 36. L'Abbazia degli innocent(Suffer Little Children) August 28, 2006
  • 48. L'astutzia de serpente (The Subtle Serpent) November 25, 2006
  • 49. Un Sudario per il vescovo(Shroud for the Archbishop) December 2, 2006
  • 50. Nostra signora delle tenebre (Our Lady of Darkness) December 9, 2006

Dutch1.jpgDutch2.jpgDutch3.jpgDutch4.jpgDutch5.jpgDutch6.jpgDutch7.jpgHAUNTED ABBOT1.jpgHansA1.jpgCouncilhans1.jpgFidelma 18 voorlopig 21.jpg

DE LEESKAMER (Netherlands)

  • Absolutie voor moord (Absolution By Murder) May 2003
  • Lijkwade voor een aartsbischop (Shroud for the Archbishop) May 2004
  • Moord in de abdij (Suffer Little Children) June 2005
  • De listige slang (The Subtle Serpent) May 2006
  • Het web van Araglin (The Spider's Web) Autumn 2006
  • De vallei van het kwaad (The Valley of the Shadows) May 2007
  • De verdwenen monnik (The Monk Who Vanished) October 2007
  • Dood van een pelgrim (Act of Mercy) May 2008
  • Vrouwe van het duister (Our Lady of Darkness) October 2008
  • Het klooster van de dode zielen (Smoke in the Wind) May 2009
  • De gekwelde abt (The Haunted Abbot) October 2009
  • De nacht van de das (Badger's Moon) June 2010
  • De leprozenbel (The Leper’s Bell) October 2011
  • Moord uit de golven (Master of Souls) October 2012
  • Een gebed voor de verdoemden (A Prayer for the Damned) July 2013
  • Dansen met demonen (Dancing With Demons) February 2015
  • Het Valse concilie (Council of the Cursed) January 2017
  • Forthcoming
    • De duif des doods (The Dove of Death) Spring 2019 

Fidelma 6.jpgFidelma 5.jpgROWOHLT (Germany)

  • Nur der Tod bringt Vergebung (Absolution By Murder) 1998
  • Ein Totenhemd für den Erzbischof (Shroud for the Archbishop) 1998


image_1_35321.jpgAUFA1.jpgAUFB1.jpgAUFC1.jpgAUFD1.jpgAUFE1.jpgAUFF1.jpgAUFG1.jpgimage_1_123641.jpgAUFX1.jpgSecond DeathAufbau1.jpgAufbauO1.jpg

  • Nur der Tod bringt Vergebung (new edition) 2003
  • Ein Totenhemd für deb Erzbischof(new edition) 2003
  • Die Tote im Klosterbrunnen(The Subtle Serpent) 2000
  • Tod im Skriptorium(Suffer Little Children) 2001
  • Der Tote am Steinkreuz(The Spider's Web) 2001
  • Tod in der Königsburg(The Monk Who Vanished) 2002
  • Tod auf dem Pilgerschiff(Act of Mercy) 2002
  • Vor dem Tod sind alle gleich (Our Lady of Darkness) 2003
  • Das Kloster der toten Seelen (Smoke in the Wind) July, 2004
  • Verneig dich vor dem Tod (The Haunted Abbot) January, 2005
  • Tod bei Vollmond (Badger's Moon) June, 2005
  • Tod im Tal der Heiden (Valley of the Shadow) January, 2006
  • Der Tod Soll Auf Euch Kommen (The Leper's Bell) June, 2006
  • Tod vor den Morgenmesse (Master of Souls) February, 2007
  • Ein Gebet für Verdammten (A Prayer for the Damned) May, 2007
  • Tod den alten Gotten (Dancing With Demons) July, 2008
  • Das Konzil der Verdammten (Council of the Cursed) December, 2008
  • Der Falsche Apostel (Hemlock at Vespers) April 30, 2009
  • Eine Taube bringt den Tod (The Dove of Death) January, 2010
  • Der Blutkeltch (Chalice of Blood) December, 2010
  • Die Todesfee (Whispers of the Dead) October, 2011
  • Und die Hölle folgte ihm nach (Behold A Pale Horse) February, 2012
  • Die Pforten der Todes (The Seventh Trumpet) December, 2012
  • Das Sühneopfer (Atonement of Blood) December, 2013
  • Sendboten des Teufels (The Devil's Seal) December, 2014
  • Der Lohn der Sünde (The Second Death) February, 2016
  • Der Tod wird euch verschlingen (Penance of the Damned) December, 2016
  • Die Wahrheit ist der Lüge Tod ("The Lair of the White Fox" and other stories) ISBN 978-3-7466-3372-5, February 16, 2018
  • Ihr Los ist Fersternis (The Night of the Lightbringer) October, 2018 
  • Forthcoming
    • Bloodmoon (2019)

AUFPBK11.jpgAUFPbk21.jpgAUF11.jpgAufbau Special Promotional Paperbacks (German)

·         Die Tote im Klosterbrunnen (The Subtle Serpent) 9th ed. 2004

·         Nur Der Tod Bringt Vergbung (Absolution By Murder) 6th ed. 2005

·         Tod auf den Pilgerschiff (Act of Mercy) July, 2013 (nb: special edition with additional article on Fidelma historical background from Mirogue magazine)

Taschenbuch.jpgGrpbk11.jpgGpbk21.jpgClub Taschenbuch (Bertelsman)

  • Tod im Skriptorium, 2004 
  • Tod vor der Morgenmesse - mit Die Freistatt (Master of Souls with "The Sanctuary," an extra Fidelma short story) October, 2007
  • Der Tote am Steinkreuze (The Spider's Web) October, 2007

R&L21.jpgTOD1.jpgRütten and Loening, Berlin

  • Tod im Skriptorium(mit musik CD) 2006 [special gift hardcover edition with a CD of Irish music]
  • Tod in der Königsbuirg (The Monk Who Vanished) October, 2016 (special illustrated collector's item)

WeltbildA3.jpgWeltbild3.jpgWeltbildA2.jpgVerlagsgruppe Weltbild

  • Nur der Tod bringt Vergebung March, 2008
  • Die Tote im Klosterbrunnen March, 2008
  • Tod in der Kongisburg March, 2008


A special collector's edition in hardcovers which the publishers have announced as "For the first time and the only such publication in the world, there is now a complete Sister Fidelma series in a uniform edition."

  • Nur der Tod bringt Vegebung (Absolution By Murder) January, 2015
  • Ein Totenhemd fur den Erzbischof (Shroud for the Archbishop) February, 2015
  • Tod im Skriptorium (Suffer Little Children) February, 2015
  • Die Tote im Klosterbrunnen (The Subtle Serpent) March, 2015
  • Der Tote am Steinkreuz (The Spider's Web) March, 2015
  • Tod im Tal der Heiden (Valley of the Shadow) November, 2015
  • Tod in der Konigsburg  (The Monk Who Vanished) November, 2015
  • Tod aud der Pilgershiff (Act of Mercy) December, 2015
  • Vor dem Tod sind alle gleich (Our Lady of Darkness) 2016
  • Das Kloster der toten Seelend (Smoke in the Wind) 2016
  • Verneig dich vor dem Tod (The Haunted Abbot) 2016
  • Tod bei Vollmond (Badger's Moon) 2016

LingenMiss2.jpgLINGEN1.jpgLingen31.jpgLingen21.jpgLingen1A1.jpguntitled11.jpgLingenSpider1.jpgLingenMiss1.jpgLingen Verlag, Berlin

  • Die Tote im Klosterbrunnen (popular hardcover edition, June, 2006)
  • Nur Der Tod bringt Vergebung (popular hardcover edition, April, 2007)
  • Tod auf dem Pilgershift, June, 2008
  • Tod im ScriptoriumNovember, 2009
  • Ein Totenhemd für den Erzbishof (special edition) May, 2010
  • Vor dem Tod sind alle gleich, June, 2011
  • Der Tod Soll Auf Euch Kommen (The Leper's Bell) July, 2013
  • Der Tote am Steinkreuz (The Spider's Web) September, 2014

DIE ZEIT1.jpgDIE ZEIT (special edition from the mass market German newspaper)

  • Das Konzil der Verdammten (July 2010); Special introduction by Martina Hartmann

97822640558041.jpgCCE12022011_000001.jpgLa Ruse du Serpent.jpg10-181.jpgFrench1.jpgNov10-181.jpgMaster of Souls.JPG97822640522471.jpg97822640557981.jpgBehold A Pale Horse fr1.jpgFrenchcover1.jpgEditions10-181.jpgLune de Sang1.jpgSuffer-French1.jpgSublteSerpetnFrench1.jpg

EDITIONS 10/18 (France)

  • Absolution par le meutre (Absolution by Murder) 2004
  • Le suaire de l'archeveque(Shroud for the Archbishop) 2004
  • Les cinq royaumes(Suffer Little Children) 2004
  • La ruse du serpent (The Subtle Serpent) June, 2005
  • Le secret de Móen (The Spider's Web) 2005
  • La mort aux trois visages (Valley of the Shadows) May 2006
  • Le Sang du Moine (The Monk Who Vanished) December 2006
  • La Pèlerinage de soeur Fidelma (Act of Mercy) May 2007
  • La Dame des ténèbres (Our Lady of Darkness) November 2007
  • Les disparus de Dyfed (Smoke in the Wind) April 2008
  • La Châtiment de l'au-delà (The Haunted Abbot) October 2008
  • Les mystères de la luna (Badger's Moon) January 2009
  • De la ciguë pour les veprês (Hemlock At Vespers) July 2009
  • La cloche du lépreux (The Lepers Bell) November 2009
  • Maitre des âmes (Master of Souls) March 2010
  • Une Prière pour les Damnés (A Prayer for the Damned) November 2010
  • Une danse avec les démons, (Dancing with Demons) February 2011
  • Le concile des maudits (The Council of the Cursed) July 2011
  • La Colombe de la Mort (The Dove of Death) April 5, 2012
  • La Parole Des Morts (Whispers of the Dead) July, 2012
  • Un Calice de Sang (The Chalice of Blood) February, 2013
  • Le cavalier blanc (Behold A Pale Horse) October 17, 2013
  • La septième trompette (The Seventh Trumpet) 2014
  • Expiation par le sang (Atonement of Blood) Autumn, 2014
  • Le Sceau Diable (The Devil's Seal) May, 2015
  • La Confrérie du Corbeau (The Second Death) June, 2016
  • La Pénitence des Damnés (Penance of the Damned) March, 2017
  • La Nuit du Porte-Lumière (Night of the Lightbringer) May, 2018
  • Forthcoming
    • Une Lune de Sang (Bloodmoon), May 2019

FrenchBookf of Month1.jpgFrenchBookofMonth2.jpgFrench "Book of the Month Club" (Grand Livres du Mois)

  • Absolution par le meurtre January, 2005
  • Le suaire de l'archeveque 2005

Greek1.jpgGreek2.jpgGreek3.jpggreek1.gifgreek2.gifThemelio Greek1.jpgTHEMELIO (Greece)

  • Absolution By Murder(1996)
  • Shroud for the Archbishop (1997)
  • Suffer Little Children (2002)
  • Valley of the Shadow (2003)
  • Act of Mercy (2005)
  • Our Lady of Darkness (2006)

CCE18022011_000001.jpgJapaneses1.jpgSogensha1.jpgJapaneseA1.jpgJapaneseb1.jpgJapanese11.jpgJAPa1.jpgSogensha2.jpgJapaneseCover1.jpgSOGENSHA (Japan)

  • The Spider's Web, November, 2006
  • Suffer Little Children, September, 2007
  • The Poisoned Chalice and other stories, June, 2009
  • The Subtle Serpent, November, 2009
  • Hemlock At Vespers, July, 2010
  • Absolution By Murder, January, 2011
  • Shroud for the Archbishop, March, 2012
  • A Canticle for Wulfstan and other stories, December, 2012
  • The Valley of the Shadow, December, 2013
  • The Monk Who Vanished, November, 2015
  • Whispers of the Dead, December, 2017

Russian.jpgFLUID Publishing (Russia)

  • Absolution By Murder, March 2008

Estonian1.jpgEstonian3.jpgEstoniann2.jpgODAMEES (Estonia)

  • Lunastus mõrva läbi (Absolution By Murder) November, 2006
  • Peapiiskopi surilina (Shroud for the Archbishop) 2007
  • Laske lapsukesed (Suffer Little Children) September, 2008

fidelma-esikaas.jpgVIIKING (Estonia)

  • Kaval madu (The Subtle Serpent) January, 2018

44207901921KS1.jpgFEMIS (Poland)

  • Cien Kruczego Skrzydla (Absolution By Murder) September, 2007

fralsande_mord_framobak1.jpgARGUMENT FORLAG AB (Sweden)

  • Frälsande Mord (Absolution By Murder) September, 2007


  • Arkebiskopens Hemlighet (Shroud for the Archbishop) April, 2009

COVER-KEGID1.jpgKoulm ar Marv1.jpgABER EMBANN (Breizh)

  • Koulm ar Marv (The Dove of Death) October, 2010
  • Kegid d'ar Gousparoù (Hemlock at Vespers) September, 2014

golo12.jpggolo3.jpgbehold a pale horse4.jpgAN  ALARC'H (Breizh)

  • Absolvenn dre vuntur (Absolution By Murder) October, 2012
  • Marv an arc'heskob (Shroud for the Archbishop) October, 2016
  • Forthcoming
    • Marc’heger ar Marv (Behold A Pale Horse) (2019)

CCE06122010_0000011.jpgAl Liamm (Breton literary magazine)

Eost, 2007  (August, 2007) No 363


  • Evit kinnig Fidelma, Herve Latimier
  • Kevredigezh Etrebroadel Sister Fidelma, David R. Wooten
  • Sister Fidelma, Per Denez
  • Muntr dre vurzhud (Murder by Miracle) trs. Jean-Michel Mahe
  • Itron Varia an Anaon (Our Lady of Death) trs Ninnog hag Herve Latimier
  • Ar steredour a rakwelas a vije drouklazhet (The Astrologer who predicted his own murder) trs. Herve Latimier

September, 2010, No 382 (ISSN 0024-1733)

  • Contains chapter one of Absolution By Murder (Absokvenn Dre Vuntr). The edition also contains an article on Dove of Death (Koulm ar Marv), published in Breton in 2010.

ABER 321.jpgABER1.jpgABER121.jpgABER541.jpgABER 651.jpgABER 69 0011.jpgABER 71 001 (2)1.jpgABER (Breton language magazine)

  • No 32, Summer 2008: Ur c'hantik evit Wulfstan (A Canticle for Wulfstan) translated byJean-Michael Mahe
  • No 33, Autumn 2008*: Kleze an Uhel Roue (The High King's Sword) translated by Jean-Michel Mahé
  • No 45, Autumn 2011: Kegid d'ar gousperoù (Hemlock at Vespers) translated by Jean-Michel Mahé
  • No 46, Winter 2011: Kegid d'ar gousperoù (Hemlock at Vespers II) translated by Jean-Michel Mahé
  • No 54, Winter 2013: Ar gwad santel (Holy Blood) translated by Jean-Michel Mahé
  • No 58, Winter 2015: Kuzhuligoù ar re varv (Whispers of The Dead) translated by Jean-Michel Mahé
  • No 65, Winter 2016: An Erer Kollet (The Lost Eagle) translated by Jean-Michel Mahé
  • No 69, Winter 2017: Kelan An Deiz Santel (Corpse on a Holy Day) translated by Jean-Michel Mahé
  • No 71, Winter 2018: Piv en deus laeret ar pesk? (Who stole the fish?) translated by Jean-Michel Mahé
  • Forthcoming
    • No 72, Spring, 2019, An Hêr Dilennet (The Heir Apparent) translated by Jean-Michel Mahé


note: the same issue (No 32, Summer 2008) contains articles on Peter Tremayne and Sister Fidelma by Jean-Michel Mahe

SCREACH1.jpgThe International Sister Fidelma Society (Irish Language)

    • Scréach ón Tuama (A Scream from the Sepulchre) December, 2008

Audio Books

DOVE21.jpgaudio21.jpgaudio11.jpgAudioA1.jpgValley1.jpgAtonement (2)1.jpglightb1.pngNewAudio1.jpg

UK (English Language) Audio Books

    • Valley of the Shadow, read by Marie McCarthy, Magna Story Sound, Long Preston, Yorkshire, UK, ISBN 1-85903-313-X.  Time 12 hrs - 9 cassettes
    • A Prayer for the Damned, read by Annie Farr, Soundings, Isis House, Whitley Bay, UK. ISBN 978-1-84559-646-0. Time 14 hours - 12 Cassettes
    • Dancing With Demons, read by Caroline Lennon, Soundings, Isis House, Whitley Bay, UK. ISBN 978-1-4079-0431-3. Time 13 hours - 11 CDs
    • Master of Souls, read by Caroline Lennon, Soundings, Isis House, Whitby Bay, UK. ISBN 978-1-4079-0903-5. Time 13 hours 30 minutes, 12 CDs
    • Council of the Cursed, read by Caroline Lennon, Oakhill Publishing, 11hrs 8mins. Cassettes ISBN 978 1 84648 600 5 and CDs ISBN 978 1 84648 624 1. May, 2009
    • The Dove of Death, read by Caroline Lennon, Soundings, Isis House, Whitby, UK. December 1, 2009, Cassettes 10-14079141-03 and CDs 13 -978-1079141-07
    • Whispers of the Dead, read by Caroline Lennon, Soundings, Isis House, Whitby, UK, September, 2010, CDs ISBN 978-1-4079-2005-4. 12 hrs 30 mins
    • The Chalice of Blood, read by Caroline Lennon, Soundings, Isis House, Whitby, UK, December, 2010, CDs ISBN 978-1-4079-2188-4. 13hrs 30mins
    • Behold A Pale Horse (2012), read by Caroline Lennon, Soundings, Isis House, Whitley Bay, UK, February, 2012, CDs  ISBN 978-1-4079-3132-6, running time approx. 12 hours
    • The Seventh Trumpet (2012), read by Caroline Lennon, Soundings, Isis House, Whitley Bay, UK, February, 2012, CDs  ISBN 978-1-4079-3350-4, running time approx. 13 hours
    • Atonement of Blood (2014) read by Caroline Lennon, Soundings, Isis House, Whitley Bay, March 1, 2014, ISBN 978-1-4079-4-5897
    • The Devil's Seal, read by Caroline Lennon, Soundings, Isis House, Whitley Bay, UK, October 1, 2014, ISBN 978-1-4079-4767-9
    • The Second Death, read by Caroline Lennon, Soundings, Isis House, Whitley Bay, UK, December 1, 2015, ISBN 978-1-4079-5916-0, 9 CDs running time 12 hrs 30 mins
    • Penance of the Damned, read by Caroline Lennon, Soundings, Isis House, Whitley Bay, UK, October, 2016, 12 hours. ISBN 978-1-4079-6370-9
    • Night of the Lightbringer (November, 2017), read by Caroline Lennon, Soundings,  Isis House, Whitley Bay, UK, December 2017, 12 hours, 978-1-4079-69435
    • Bloodmoon (November, 2018) read by Caroline Lennon, Soundings, Isis House, Whitley Bay, UK. 11 hrs 30 mins, 978-1-4079-7545-


All the recordings are available on CD, MP3 and Cassette.







(* note: all these audio books are unabridged)

German Audio Books


GermanCDCover1.jpgDer Audio Verlag GmbH, Berlin

  • Tod im Skriptorium (Suffer Little Children) has been published (January 2006) in a commercial stereo CD from Der Audio Verlag GmbH, Berlin. Details from It comes in two CDs running 106 mins. This is a recording of the play broadcast on German radio WDR5 on July 1 and 2, 2005, and repeated in October.  Sissy Höfferer plays Sister Fidelma. The CD comes with a booklet on Peter Tremayne and the Fidelma series with information on leading members of the cast of the production.

CD.jpgCD2.jpgDELTA1.jpgDelta Music (Audio Books)

  • Ein Gebet fur die Verdammten (September, 2007) - read by Susanne Dobrusskin - 5CDs
  • Die Tote in Klosterbrunnen (September, 2007) - read by Susanne Dobrusskin - 5CDs

German Audio1.jpgBuchfunk and Audible Germany

  • Der Tod wird euch verchlingen (Penance of the Damned) read by Luise Schubert. Audiobuch CD from Buchfunk 12 hrs 22 mins. Also available on Audible Germany.

Scan_20180921 (2)1.jpgGerman
Audio 61.jpgTechnisat.jpgGerman Audio
21.jpgGerman Audio 31.jpgGerman Audio 41.jpgTechnisat (Audio Books - all read by actress Sabine Swobda) - reissues from Buchfunk

  • Nur der Tod bringt Vergenbung 2007
  • Der Kloster den toten Seelen 2007
  • Tod im der Kongisburg 2007
  • Tod im Tal der Heiden 2007
  • Der Tod Soll Auf Euch Kommen 2007
  • Tod vor den Morgenesse 2007


On February 18, 2015,  all 27 Fidelma Mysteries published by that date were placed as available to download only from the website. All the books were read by Caroline Lennon. The first title, Absolution By Murder, was priced at €19.95, while all other tiles are at $24.95.

Talking Books for the Blind

The following Sister Fidelma titles have been issued by The Library of Congress, Talking Books and Braille Library Blind in the USA:

  • Absolution by Murder, read by Alita Kiaer, CBA 07675
  • Shroud for the Archbishop, read by Eileen Grughin, CBA 07676
  • Hemlock At Vespers, read by Martha Harmon Pardee, RC 061958
  • Whispers of the Dead, read by Martha Harmon Pardee, RC 061547
  • Suffer Little Children, read by Phil Regensdorf, 2 cassettes, RC 40925

Dutch Library for the Blind CDs

  • Absolutie voor Moord
  • Lijkwade voor eern aartsbisshop
  • Het web van Araglin